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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A story of crataegus (3)

After examining the pulse of Yang Yuhuan, the Taoist priest found that the pulse had been deep, replete and slippery, and there had been thick and slimy tongue fur on the tongue, which was the syndrome of retention of food at the middle stomach due to spleen-stomach vacuity and dietary irregularities. But the herbs used by the imperial doctors were enriching and slimy in properties, which acted in a diametrically opposite way. 5、道士牵线拿脉,贵妃脉象沉实而滑;视舌,舌上布满厚腻舌苔。道士思忖道:此乃脾胃柔弱,饮食不慎,积滞中脘,御医所用之药,滋补腻滞,实反其道也。

A story of crataegus (2)

In late autumn, a Taoist priest passed by and recommended himself that he could treat the imperial concubine. So Tang Xuangzong invited the Taoist priest himself.4、深秋,一道士化缘路过皇宫,自荐能为贵妃治病。唐玄宗亲自屈驾前往。

A story of crataegus

Yang Yuhuan, the most favorable imperial concubine of Tang Xuanzong of the Tang Dynasty, once suffered from distention and fullness of the stomach duct and abdomen, diarrhea, and poor appetite.


So, Tang Xuanzong felt uneasy whether sitting or bedding. 2、唐玄宗为此坐卧不安。

Though all the imperial doctors had treated her and many rare medicinal herbs had been used, the disease condition was not improved but deteriorated.3、御医盈庭,名贵药品用尽,贵妃的病不但没有好转,反而加重。

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Home-Thoughts on a Quiet Night

Tang Dynasty by LiBai
The bright moonlight ahead of my bedI take for a frost layer on ground. I look at the moon,raising my head;Lowing it, I think of my hometown.

唐朝 李白

Friday, May 26, 2006

Ginseng Decoction

A youngster from a rich family saw a poor porter lying on the ground as he was walking along the road one morning. He asked the onlookers, "Why is this man lying here?"
Someone answered, "He had no food to fill his stomach and is so hungry that he is lying on the ground to catch his breath."
The rich youngster said, "Since he has nothing to eat? why didn't he have a cup of ginseng decoction before leaving home in the morning? This would support him for half a day."

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Let’s learn Chinese

With the developing of China, more and more foreign friends want to know more about China. They want to know about Chinese custom, Chinese culture, and the events which happened in China. So I make my blog---Chinese album, in my blog I write down my thoughts, my life and something about China. I hope more and more bloggers will enjoy my blog.
In some countries, learning Chinese is more and more popular now. And many schools start to teach students Chinese. I often chat with my English-speaking friends on net by Yahoo! Messenger, many friends tell me that they would like to learn Chinese, and ask me to teach them Chinese. So I become an oral Chinese teacher when I was chatting with my foreign friends on net every weekend .It is interesting for me. Because I am a teacher of English in China, I enjoy my job very much, and now I have another job to teach my foreign friends speaking Chinese on every weekend. It is satisfied for me to do this. Do you want to learn Chinese follow me? I can teach you by my blog, and you can chat with me on net by Yahoo! Messenger every weekend, my Yahoo! Messenger ID is chinesealbum.
Let’s learn Chinese! my dear friend, I will wait for you in Yohoo !

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Nothing in the Head

A scholar was preparing to take the civil examinations. His wife was very puzzled by his constant worrying. "Look at you, you worthless wretch," she said. "You probably think that it's more difficult for a man to write an essay than for a woman to give birth to a child." "It is easy for you women to give birth to children," the scholar sighed. "How's that?" she asked. "You women can bear children easily because you carry the child in your stomach," the scholar said. "But I have nothing in my head, so how do you expect me to think of something to write?"

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Body For Life

Body-for-Life is an intense exercise and nutrition program based on the premise that you're more likely to stick with a diet and workout if you see results quickly. Indeed, founder Bill Phillips makes this promise: Follow his program for 12 weeks and you'll have the best body you've ever had. The program is challenging. It involves training with weights for 45 minutes three days a week, then alternating with aerobic exercise for at least 20 minutes three days a week.
The diet involves eating six small meals each day for six days a week, drawing from a list of healthy foods such as vegetables, brown rice, poultry, and fish. On the seventh day, you rest -- free to eat anything you want and take a day off from the rigorous workout.
Open the best-selling Body-for-Life book and you'll see before-and-after photos of people who went from flab to fab. They don't just look slimmer. They look terrific. Their fab abs and chiseled muscles in the after photos are in stark contrast to the before pictures that look, well, like most of us. But remember, strenuous exercise virtually every day is the key to this program. Odds are, your body would improve significantly with such workouts, even if you weren't also dieting.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How Blogs Make Money

If you have a blogger,you can let it make many money.Maybe you do not believe this,but it is true.

If that $20 a month increases by 20% every month in a year you’ll be earning $178.32per month at the end of the year. Of course that sounds small for a year’s work and I’m sure many bloggers would give up at that point but lets take it further.
If earnings continued to rise by 20% per month for another 12 months and you begin to see the power of exponential growth with a figure of $1589.92per month. Do it for another year and the figure is $14176.02per month.
Do those figures with the figure of 30% growth per month and the figure after 12 months is $465.96per month, after two years its $10856.00and after three years it’s $252924.00per month!
I’m a strong believer that to be successful you need to be willing to work hard. While there are plenty of people selling "easy money" on the web I’m yet to find a method of money making that doesn’t have at least some element of work to it.
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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If I have one million dollar

If I have one million dollar, I will build an elementary school .Maybe someone will not understand “Why do you want to build a school? You can do anything else with this money.’’But when you see these pictures which I show you, you must know the reason.
In some poor areas of China, the education situation is very bad. There is not enough money to build or rebuild school. The students often study in the damp and dark houses .Sometimes the poor
children even study in an open air. Though the situation is so bad, the children also study hard. They eager to learn more and don’t care this situation. When look at these children, I feel very sorry. I think I must do something for them.
If I have one million dollar, I can build a school for these poor children. In my school, there are many new desks, chairs, and big blackboard in every classroom. Of course, there must be a large library in my school, and then the children can read many interesting books after class in the library. There also will be a computer room, then children can play computers .As you know the computer technology is very important today.
This is my dream, and I hope it can come true one day.

Learning to Speak Chinese

Learning to speak Chinese has been more than a little difficult,but it difficult,but it didn’t seen so at first.We began with vocabulary.We know we needed to greet people so,”Ni-hao” was the beginning.This was simple because the two parts of the greeting used common English words:”knee”and “how”.So far,so good.
The next thing we noticed was that Chinese often had repetition in a word.For example,”Nai-nai”and”Ya-ya”are similar to English structures,”John John”and’Bye bye”are two examples that come to mind.So,we were on the alert for such words,Quickly,I learned I could introduce my wife using “tai-tai”or “wode tai-tai”.Later,when learning that “pearl” was translated as “zhenzhu”,it was possible to expand an introduction of her as “zhenzhu,wode tai-tai”.Hearing children calling her”Nai-nai’,That was also added.Now the introduction was lengthened to”zhenzhu nai-nai,wode tai-tai”.Chinese wasn’t going to be so difficult after all!
One afternoon,we were at a friend’s house talking about a trip to Guiyang.We were planning to go to Chinese to see friends who had been to the U.S as part of the Guizhou exchange program,a program between educational institutions in Guizhou and Oakland University.Upon completing their studies,the scholars returned to China and we were anxious to see them again.Also,it was our 32nd wedding anniversary and this would be a good way to celebrate.
Mooney the 3-year-old daughter of our friends.,had listened to our concersation and suddenly asked,’Ye-ye”do you speak Chinese?”
“We don’t know the language,but we did learn some phrases,Mooney.”.
“I can teach you something that will help you on your trip”,she said,”tu-tu”means’rabit’."
Our hearts were warmed by Mooney’s attempt to help us,Little did we realize what an effect”Tu-tu”would have on us.especially me.
Finally,we were in Guangzhou,happily discovering the Pearl River.Two days later we were on the Li River in Guilin,enjoying the marvelous scenery with the river,hills and special mountains of China.Then,we flew to Guiyang where we planned to stay for five days.It was in Guiyang we hoped to use what little Chinese we learned,here,we were among friends.
Once again we met and dined with our acholar ftiends,only this time it was in China.My opportumity to introduce Pearl came when meeting one scholar’s parents.Taking a big breath,I blurted out loudly for all to hear.”Zhenzhu nai-nai wode tu-tu.”This was greeted with loud laughter.I was puzzled.Why would introducing my wife bring such a respnse?When I gave Pearl a questioning look.She whispered that I had introduced her as “…my rabbit”.Then,our laughter was added to the merriment was truly funny.
So,it was in Guiyang that the difficulty of learning Chinese became clear;it wasn’t going to be easy after all,Yes,we joined in the laughter,but I still felt like a dodo.It was all too,too much.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Some More

Once there was an old grandmother who believed in taboo. On New Year's Day and other festival days, she would try only to say nice things, and never let the word "no" rashly fall from her mouth.
One lunar New Year's Day, as soon as the grandmother got up, her little granddaughter passed her a bowl of sweet rice porridge. She drank it up joyfully.
"Grandma, will you take another bowl of rice porridge?" asked the granddaughter
"All right," replied the grandmother.
The little girl passed her the second bowl of rice porridge and quickly she drank it.
"Some more rice porridge?" asked the granddaughter.
The grandmother thought that during New Year's Day she couldn't say "no", and so she replied promptly, "O.K., I'll drink a third bowl." In this way the grandmother drank six bowls, and her stomach was like a big drum.
The little girl who wasn't very sensible still asked persistently, "Grandma, would you like to drink some more sweet rice porridge?"
The grandmother couldn't help shaking her hand, and said hurriedly, "No, no, no more, no more! If I drink any more, I'll bloat myself to death."

Chaozhou Kaiyuan Buddhist Temple of China

Chaozhou Kaiyuan Buddhist Temple is located at the centre of Chaozhou City---one of the famous historical and cultural cities of China,originally named as Lifeng Temple,and was rebuilt and renamed as Kaiyuan Temple in the year of Kaiyuan 26(A.D7380)of the Song dynasty.The Temple has been well known to the world and being the first ancient temple in easteen Guangdong province because of its grand scale,magnificent halls and pavilions,dignity of its Buddhist figures,a big amount of cultural relics,and a galaxy of high skilled artworks,attracting a large numbers of pilgrims at home and abroad. The Temple occupied several hundred must of land for its original scale, but was reconstructed more than ten times in the long and changing historical processes. No matter how it changed the three sections layout remainsunchanged with the building structures at the central axis as the Screen Wall,the Main Entrance,the Heavenly God Temple,the Daxiong Temple,the Scripture Hall,and the jade Buddha Pavilion.On the east side(right side)are the Guest rooms, the Ground God Temple,the Fast Dinning Room,and the monk’s houses, with fine decorated houses and the founder’s memorial halls. On the west side(left side)are the Buddhist Abbot Hall,the Guangyin Pavilion,the Huiyei Hall,the monk’s houses, the Heavenly Gods Pacilion,and the Lingdong Buddhism Academy newly built in recent years, thus forming the ancient architecture groups with the characteristics of Chinese quadrangle courtyard,and keeping the solemn silence architecture style of the palace of Song and Tang Dynasty,well known to the world as the pear of art of ancient Chinese architectures.

Having Cakes

A man was very hungry, and went to buy cakes at a snack bar. When he finished a cake, he found he hadn't had enough, and so ate a second one. He felt so hungry that after eating six cakes in succession, he still hadn't satisfied his hunger. Not till the seventh cake was eaten up, did he feel satisfied. Then, suddenly, he had a feeling of regret.
"Ah, if I had known this before, I would have eaten the seventh cake first and that would have been enough and there would not have been any need to eat those six others."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cutting off the Arrow Shaft

Long, long ago, in a battle a soldier was shot in the leg, and suffered from constant pain. An officer in the troop sent for a surgeon versed in external medicine to treat the soldier's wound.
The surgeon came to have a look, then sain, "This is easy!" He cut off the arrow shaft at the leg with a big pair of scissors, and immediately asked for fees for the surgical operation.
"Anyone can do that," the soldier, getting upset, cried, "The arrow head is still in the leg, why haven't you taken it out?"
"My surgical operation is finished. The arrowhead in your leg should be cured by a physician who practices internal medicine."

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Get the kid

A bit of advice for those about to retire. If you are only 65, never move to a retirement community. Everybody else is in their 70s, 80s, or 90s. So when something has to be moved, lifted or loaded, they yell,'Get the kid.'

A Hot Day

It is a hot day today.Summer is coming soon.Maybe most girls like summer very much,because in summer the girls would put on many beautiful skirts and wear beautiful high-heeled shoes as they like.
But I do not like summer.It's too hot in the south of China.And in southern,it often rain in summer.The damp and hot air almost make me crazy,I think I can't do anything in these days. I just turn on the air conditioner,shut myself in the room,read some books or watch TV.It's boring.Do you think so?
I wait for a cool season,As you know,it is autumn after summer.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why the tea can prevent and cure stomach cancer?

Preventing and curing stomach cancer is best to have the green tea, and the black tea is the next in order.
The tea has the function of preventing and curing stomach cancer flowing:
(1) The tea can kill the wound tumor cell directly: Some compositions of the tea inside, especially caffeine in the green tea, falconoid, tea polyphone etc. various efficacies of medicines composition synthesizes, having the anti-cancer function;
(2) Can strengthen the machine immunity dint with the nourishment: The tea implies the essential many nourishments composition in human body, such as protein, amino acids, carbohydrate, mineral quality, vitamin A, C, E, K, little chemical element selenium, zinc...etc., this not only add the deficiency disease, but also increases the immunity of the organism.
(3) Can help organism dissolve the harmful materials: In ancient times some effects of the tea has recorded, which has already been confirmed by scientists, some compositions of the tea can make poisonous material put out live, counteract poison with excrete;
(4) Repress second nitric in cancer-causing thing an synthesize, especially drinks the green tea after meals, the function will be better;
(5) Resist the harm of cigarettes and wine: Taking tea can promote the alcohol to eject from the urine, repressing the cancer-causing function of the wine; the tea inside caffeine also can resist the harmful function of the smoke;
(6) There is a kind of sweet smell oil in the tea, which can stimulate the stomach liquid secrete, can clean up the accumulation of stomach, reducing the occurrence of the stomach cancer.

Monday, May 08, 2006

I'll Make Your Son Suffer and Catch Cold, Too!

In the Song Dynasty there was a Grand Commander who spoiled his children. One day he came home and saw his son kneeling on the snow covered ground without a coat on. Having asked his son the reasons for such behavior, he disoovered that his own mother was punishing her grandson for a wrong-doing. He then took off his own coat, and ordering the servants to tie him up, knelt down on the snow covered ground beside his son.
His mother hearing about this went to ask him what the matter was.
"You're making my son suffer and catch cold. So now I'll make your son suffer and catch cold. too!" said the Grand Commander.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Yao tops Forbes' celebrity list again

The Houston Rockets'star Yao Ming has topped Forbes magazine's list of Chinese celebrities again.
Yao signed a five-year,$75 million contract,and earned the ranking again.The 7-foot-6 basketball player and three-time NBA All-star has one year left on his first contract,which will pay him more than $5.5 million next season.
Yao earned $18.5 million in 2004,about 25 percent higher than the year before.As an international sports icon,Yao has been in advertisements for Apple Computer in the past year and has a multimilliom-dollar contract with Reebok International this year.
Second on the list was actress Zhang Ziyi,an Academy Award presenter this year,followed by Olympic gold medal winner Liu Xiang.Due to his strong showing in last summer's Olympic Games,Liu jumped from 90th place last year to third place this year.
Other athletes on the list included Olympic chaimpion divers Tain Liang and Guo JingJing ,ranked 16th and 17th ,Manchester City soccer player Sun Jihai,34th,and Sheffield United player Hao Haidong,55th.
The list looked at the income and popularity of celebrities in film,sports, media, music and publishing.Those listed had to have been born and had to have grown up in mainland China.Celebrities from Hong Kong, Taiwan,Macao and other parts of the Chinese-speaking world were not included.

Friday, May 05, 2006

How Big It Has Become Overnight!

One day a scholar taught his son to read the Chinese word "one". Soon the boy learnt it by heart.
The next day while the scholar was wiping the table, he happened to write on the table top a "one" with his wet rag to quiz his son. The boy couldn't read it at all.
"This is the word 'one' I taught you to read yesterday, now isn't it?" said the scholar.
"Oh! But how big it has become overnight!" said the boy in surprise.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chinese beauty standards

What makes a woman beautiful in a Chinese person's eyes? NOW we have some standards to follow.
Mirror newspaper in Beijing reported that the China International Beauty Week had just found a set of Chinese beauty standerds.
According to the standerds,a Chinese beauty must have an egg-shaped face,willow-leaf-shaped eyebrows and a mouth that looks like smilling.
The length of a woman's eyes should be 24 to 28 millimeters,with a distance of 35 millimeters between the two eyes.
A poll on China's web has just come up with the list of the ten most beautiful Chinese women that represents"China's beauty".The top one is big-eyed actress Zhao Wei.
The China International Beauty Week is the biggest global event of China's beauty and cosmetics industry. The third China International Beauty Week that was held last year brought up the concept of "beauty economy",and also gave a report on the beauty economy.
The year 2005 was called the "Year One of the Beauty Economy".This year's China International Beauty Week uses"2006 China Beauty"as its theme and builds up the concept of "China's beauty".

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I Taught the Teacher

Mother asked little LiPing,"Darling,what did the teacher teach you today?"
"nothing,Mum,"answered little LiPing proudly,"instead,she asked me how much one plus two was,and I told her three."

my picture

Who Is Stupid?

Li Ping is my little brother,the teacher was trying to make use of her psychology courses.
She started her class by saying,”Everyone who thinks you’re stupid,stand up!”
LiPing then stood up.
The teacher said,”Do you think you’re stupid, LiPing?”
“No,I am not,but I hate to see you standing there all by yourself!”

Monday, May 01, 2006

A Successful Woman--Yang Lan

Yang Lan was born in 1968 in Beijing. Her mother was an engineer,and her father taught English literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University and sometimes served as the official translator for fomer Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.
When she was 21 in 1990,that is,in her last year at the Beijing Foreign Studies University,Yang Lan auditioned for -and won-the position of host of the Zheng Da Variety Show on China Central Television.Within a year Zheng Da Variety Show ,a prime-time-Saturday celebrity quiz and talk show,was China's top-rated TV program,with an audience of 220 million.
Despite this success,four years later,Yang Lan leff the show and went to New York where she spent two years earning a master's degree at Columbia University's School of Intermational and Public Affairs.
Yang's TV skills were matched by a keen mind for business.In 1999,with her husband,Wu Zheng,she started her own media company,Sun Television Cyber networks(Sun TV),At its peak,Sun TV was valued at $179 million in stock market.Yang Lan owned 35%of the shares,which were worth $63 million.
Yang Lan,who holds a master's degree from Columbia University in the United States,is one of China's 50 most successful entrepreneurs and China's third richest self-made woman.