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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

the oldest and famous medical classics of Chinese medicine

The human body is a very complicated system, but make out with very simple method , so long as a couple are together, will make individuals once being not careful. But the maintenance of the human body is extremely complicated , an extremely outstanding student, must read for seven years in the medical college , then should be after continuing studying for a lot of years in the hospital again, could become a real well-known doctor . But the most famous doctor today, one basket of diseases is that he is at a loss what to do.
the oldest and famous medical classics of Chinese medicine is " Huang Di Nei Ching" which spreading for more than 3,000 years, the completion of this book has been a mystery in history all the time , how could the mankind more than 3,000 years ago build and construct such perfect medical theory? But this book is obviously hidden or lose a lot of chapters , especially the heart and efficacious chapter.
Collateral channels and acupuncture points one are the most special part in Chinese medicine theories, it is some point names with fairy , spirit , soul , soul wording , for example, mind, supernatural hall, soul's door, soul family,etc.. there are close relations cleverly of the clever medical treatmen between these acupuncture points and the most popular of modern prevailing body and mind . That is to say that the earliest Chinese medicine should be to include fairy and treat similar with South America and print the technology with the witch doctor, because political involvement factor of strength, make a part this painstaking deletion perhaps.
Confucius has an eternal famous saying: The son blames the haphazard spirit of strength in silence. After the Confucianists are regarded as the main theory which is most suitable for the times of peace and prosperity by the past dynasties king, the scholar regards strange haphazard spirit of strength as the heresy .so treating of mind has been probably deleted from the ancient book efficaciously on the speech becoming the difficult hall which stepped on the elegance in the medical book.
The witch doctor who is the earliest doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and seal added should be very close, and well-known doctor of successive dynasties should majority have exceptional function too, if Bian que can perspect human ability and well-known doctor's grandson of internal organs think of far away coherent fairy ability, record it in the history . In China, doctors with very sophisticated medical skill are often respectfullied call a highly skilled doctor , in fact the highly skilled doctor is just the witch doctor's laudatory title .
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