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Friday, April 11, 2008

Olympic torch relay concludes in Buenos Aires

The 2008 Olympic torch relay concluded in Buenos Aires after a 13.8 kilometer journey through the capital city of Argentina on Friday.
This is the first time in Olympic history that the Olympic flame passed through the Latin American city.
Olympic torch relay concludes in Buenos Aires
Triple Olympic medal winner Carlos Espinola holds the torch
In the ceremony which kicked off the torch relay at Lola Mora amphitheatre in the port district, mayor Mauricio Marci said he was proud that Buenos Aires being selected as "the Latin American representatives" in the Olympic torch relay.
The mayor said that "it is a great joy to be the hosts of a party like the one is taking place today, it is a proud to be the Latin American representatives" in Olympic torch relay.
"The Olympic Games is a moment of brotherhood, of life time sharing, that feed us and made us better as society. We hope to beat the high of the expectations", the mayor said.
The mayor then handed the torch to the first runner, triple Olympic medal winner Carlos "Camau" Espinola who said afterwards that he was hornored to be the first torchbearer.
The 36-year-old windsurfer, who had won two silver and one bronze medals at previous Olympic Games, said he would try to fulfill his "golden dream" at the Beijing Olympic Games.
80 torchbearers took part in the relay through Buenos Aires, among them are field hockey player Vanina Oneto, cyclist Juan Curuchet, swimmer Georgina Bardach, waterskier Jorge Renosto and other sportsmen and former sportsmen.
Large crowds lined the relay route to mark the historic moment of the city and the torch relay turned out to be a "festive event" as promised by Julio Cassanello, president of the Argentine Olympic Committee (COA).
Cassanello, who is in Beijing to attend the 16th conference of national and regional Olympic committees, said on Thursday "we will make the torch relay a festive event for all in Buenos Aires and in Argentina".
"The Olympics is about peace of the world, not violence. We will make the torch relay in Argentina a festive event," said the COA president.

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