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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why the tea can prevent and cure stomach cancer?

Preventing and curing stomach cancer is best to have the green tea, and the black tea is the next in order.
The tea has the function of preventing and curing stomach cancer flowing:
(1) The tea can kill the wound tumor cell directly: Some compositions of the tea inside, especially caffeine in the green tea, falconoid, tea polyphone etc. various efficacies of medicines composition synthesizes, having the anti-cancer function;
(2) Can strengthen the machine immunity dint with the nourishment: The tea implies the essential many nourishments composition in human body, such as protein, amino acids, carbohydrate, mineral quality, vitamin A, C, E, K, little chemical element selenium, zinc...etc., this not only add the deficiency disease, but also increases the immunity of the organism.
(3) Can help organism dissolve the harmful materials: In ancient times some effects of the tea has recorded, which has already been confirmed by scientists, some compositions of the tea can make poisonous material put out live, counteract poison with excrete;
(4) Repress second nitric in cancer-causing thing an synthesize, especially drinks the green tea after meals, the function will be better;
(5) Resist the harm of cigarettes and wine: Taking tea can promote the alcohol to eject from the urine, repressing the cancer-causing function of the wine; the tea inside caffeine also can resist the harmful function of the smoke;
(6) There is a kind of sweet smell oil in the tea, which can stimulate the stomach liquid secrete, can clean up the accumulation of stomach, reducing the occurrence of the stomach cancer.


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