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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Let’s learn Chinese

With the developing of China, more and more foreign friends want to know more about China. They want to know about Chinese custom, Chinese culture, and the events which happened in China. So I make my blog---Chinese album, in my blog I write down my thoughts, my life and something about China. I hope more and more bloggers will enjoy my blog.
In some countries, learning Chinese is more and more popular now. And many schools start to teach students Chinese. I often chat with my English-speaking friends on net by Yahoo! Messenger, many friends tell me that they would like to learn Chinese, and ask me to teach them Chinese. So I become an oral Chinese teacher when I was chatting with my foreign friends on net every weekend .It is interesting for me. Because I am a teacher of English in China, I enjoy my job very much, and now I have another job to teach my foreign friends speaking Chinese on every weekend. It is satisfied for me to do this. Do you want to learn Chinese follow me? I can teach you by my blog, and you can chat with me on net by Yahoo! Messenger every weekend, my Yahoo! Messenger ID is chinesealbum.
Let’s learn Chinese! my dear friend, I will wait for you in Yohoo !


Blogger silentEcho said...

Greetings from a place nearby. Yeah with China developing so fast it is sure to become a place for investments from around the world. I studied the Chinese history a bit when I was at school. Fascinating country.

25 May, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


14 July, 2006  

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