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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Chinese beauty standards

What makes a woman beautiful in a Chinese person's eyes? NOW we have some standards to follow.
Mirror newspaper in Beijing reported that the China International Beauty Week had just found a set of Chinese beauty standerds.
According to the standerds,a Chinese beauty must have an egg-shaped face,willow-leaf-shaped eyebrows and a mouth that looks like smilling.
The length of a woman's eyes should be 24 to 28 millimeters,with a distance of 35 millimeters between the two eyes.
A poll on China's web has just come up with the list of the ten most beautiful Chinese women that represents"China's beauty".The top one is big-eyed actress Zhao Wei.
The China International Beauty Week is the biggest global event of China's beauty and cosmetics industry. The third China International Beauty Week that was held last year brought up the concept of "beauty economy",and also gave a report on the beauty economy.
The year 2005 was called the "Year One of the Beauty Economy".This year's China International Beauty Week uses"2006 China Beauty"as its theme and builds up the concept of "China's beauty".

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