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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

How Blogs Make Money

If you have a blogger,you can let it make many money.Maybe you do not believe this,but it is true.

If that $20 a month increases by 20% every month in a year you’ll be earning $178.32per month at the end of the year. Of course that sounds small for a year’s work and I’m sure many bloggers would give up at that point but lets take it further.
If earnings continued to rise by 20% per month for another 12 months and you begin to see the power of exponential growth with a figure of $1589.92per month. Do it for another year and the figure is $14176.02per month.
Do those figures with the figure of 30% growth per month and the figure after 12 months is $465.96per month, after two years its $10856.00and after three years it’s $252924.00per month!
I’m a strong believer that to be successful you need to be willing to work hard. While there are plenty of people selling "easy money" on the web I’m yet to find a method of money making that doesn’t have at least some element of work to it.
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