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Monday, May 01, 2006

A Successful Woman--Yang Lan

Yang Lan was born in 1968 in Beijing. Her mother was an engineer,and her father taught English literature at Beijing Foreign Studies University and sometimes served as the official translator for fomer Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.
When she was 21 in 1990,that is,in her last year at the Beijing Foreign Studies University,Yang Lan auditioned for -and won-the position of host of the Zheng Da Variety Show on China Central Television.Within a year Zheng Da Variety Show ,a prime-time-Saturday celebrity quiz and talk show,was China's top-rated TV program,with an audience of 220 million.
Despite this success,four years later,Yang Lan leff the show and went to New York where she spent two years earning a master's degree at Columbia University's School of Intermational and Public Affairs.
Yang's TV skills were matched by a keen mind for business.In 1999,with her husband,Wu Zheng,she started her own media company,Sun Television Cyber networks(Sun TV),At its peak,Sun TV was valued at $179 million in stock market.Yang Lan owned 35%of the shares,which were worth $63 million.
Yang Lan,who holds a master's degree from Columbia University in the United States,is one of China's 50 most successful entrepreneurs and China's third richest self-made woman.


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