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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

If I have one million dollar

If I have one million dollar, I will build an elementary school .Maybe someone will not understand “Why do you want to build a school? You can do anything else with this money.’’But when you see these pictures which I show you, you must know the reason.
In some poor areas of China, the education situation is very bad. There is not enough money to build or rebuild school. The students often study in the damp and dark houses .Sometimes the poor
children even study in an open air. Though the situation is so bad, the children also study hard. They eager to learn more and don’t care this situation. When look at these children, I feel very sorry. I think I must do something for them.
If I have one million dollar, I can build a school for these poor children. In my school, there are many new desks, chairs, and big blackboard in every classroom. Of course, there must be a large library in my school, and then the children can read many interesting books after class in the library. There also will be a computer room, then children can play computers .As you know the computer technology is very important today.
This is my dream, and I hope it can come true one day.


Blogger becks said...

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16 May, 2006  
Blogger becks said...

oh wow. I didn't know the learning situation was like that in China. I am thinking of teaching someday. Maybe in China or in Europe. This is an interesting page. :O)

16 May, 2006  

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