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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Attended A Wedding

Today I would attended a wedding.I rang my friend up"Where is the wedding?"
He said "You have to cross a bridge and then turn to the right."
"And is the bridge long?"
"Very .Twenty meters."
The telephone was rung when I would go
"Stop!"My friend was shouting."I've just remembered:the bridge is 40 meters long.If you go 20 meters and then turn on the right,as I told you to do, you'll fall into the river!"

I attended the wedding.One of the guests not only ate a lot of the sweetmeats offered,but stuffed his pouch with them.When I saw what the guest was doing,I picked up a tea pot and quietly,from behind,poured some tea into the guest's pouch.When finding what he had done ,the guest was not at all ashamed but reproached me,"what's my pouch got to do with you that you come and pour tea into it?"
"I meant no harm,"was my defence."When I saw so many sweets your pouch had tucked away,I was afraid it would get thirsty.That's why I gave it a drink."


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