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Thursday, June 08, 2006

A story of one of the four beauties in ancient China---Xi Shi

It is special to treat swelling sore of the throat with cinnamon bark. The cinnamon bark has the actions of invigorating primordial yang, warming spleen and stomach, eliminating cold accumulation, and making the meridians through. It contains cinnamic aldehyde which has apparent sedation action to the central nervous system. The compound aconite and cinnamon bark can treat renal hypertension. The cinnamic oil it contains has strong sterilization action and is especially effective to the gram-positive bacterium. If used by application, it can treat stomachache, flatulence, etc. and if taken orally, it can invigorate stomach and expelling wind.

It was said that Xi Shi, one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China, suddenly felt pain in the throat when she sang the Falling Leaves of Phoenix Tree. It was difficult to drink.1、相传中国古代四大美人之一的西施,抚琴吟唱自编的《梧叶落》时。

So she took large amount of heat-clearing and fire-purging drugs. The symptoms were relieved after taking the drugs but reoccurred if she stopped taking them.2、忽感咽喉疼痛,饮漱难下,遂用大量清热泻火之药,症状得以缓和,但药停即发。

She had to invite another famous doctor to treat her. After examining her, the doctor found that her four extremities was cool, the urine was clean, and the pulse was deep and thin, so he prescribed 1 jin (about 800 g) of cinnamon bark. 3、后另请一名医,见其四肢不温,小便清发,六脉沉细,乃开肉桂一斤。

The shopkeeper of the drugstore also knew the disease condition of Xi Shi. After seeing the prescription, he laughed grimly and said, "Xi Shi is suffered from swollen pain throat which pertains to heat syndrome. How can the cinnamon bark which is pungent and warm cure her?" So he didn't give the retinue the drug. The retinue had to return empty and reported the situation accurately. Xi Shi said, "The doctor was famous for his medical skill and he should be seriously. And I have no choice at present. I will take small amount of cinnamon bark at first to find whether it works."4、药店老板对西施之病略有所知,看罢处方,不禁冷笑:“喉间肿痛溃烂,乃大热之症,岂能食辛温之肉桂?”便不予捡药,侍人只得空手而归,如实回报。西施道:“此人医术高明,当无戏言。眼下别无他法,先用少量试之。”

Xi Shi took small piece of cinnamon bark at first and felt it sweet-smelling and delicious. After taking half jin of the cinnamon bark, she felt her throat painless and could take foods as usual. When the shopkeeper heard of that, he had to ask for the doctor's advice sincerely. The doctor said, "Xi Shi was suffered from pain throat which pertains to vacuity fire due to yin deficiency and it can be treated only by directing fire to its source." 5、西施先嚼一小块肉桂,感觉香甜可口,嚼完半斤,疼痛消失,进食无碍,大喜。药店老板闻讯,专程求教名医。名医答曰:“西施之患,乃虚寒阴火之喉疾,非用引火归元之法不能治也。”


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