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Saturday, June 17, 2006

A story of cinnamon bark

Today, we'll tell the story of paris. The herb was related with a pretty and brave girl and her seven brothers who had given their lives for the ordinary people in fighting the big boa. So, people named the herb "qiye-yizhi-hua" (one flower with seven leaves), i.e., paris. Now have a look at the story… Once upon a time, there lived an old couple in a small village called East Mountain in Yunnan. They had seven industrious and brave sons and a beautiful and pretty daughter. The family lived a very happy life by planting and breeding. The villagers all felt envy at them. One year, there appeared a big boa in the village. It was very fierce and cruel and often goes out to eat the sheep as well as the human, which made the people live in terror and uncertainty. In order to rid the people of an evil, the brave brother decided to wage a life-and-death battle against the boa. But they all lost their lives during the struggle against the boa unfortunately. The little sister was so sad that she made up her mind to avenge her brothers. So she got up very early and went to bed very late to practise martial arts. One day she wore her clothes weaved with the embroidery needles and went to struggle with the boa. She consumed all her strength and was swallowed by the boa at last. But the boa died the next day. It was because that the clothes the girl had on were weaved with the embroidery needles which stabbed the boa through its viscera. So the village was calm ever since. Some days had passed and a strange plant appeared where the big boa died. It had one flower on its top supported with seven pieces of leaves. While pounded and applied on the wounds or decocted and taken orally, it can treat swelling sores and the one who was bitten by poisonous snake. In order to make people remember the seven brave brothers and their sister, the villagers termed it


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