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Monday, July 03, 2006

Health Countermeasures for Women

20s, 30s, 40s: Health Countermeasures for Women
At different ages, a woman's body changes all the time: in the twenties, she keeps her body in the best status of health; in the thirties, she has to start fighting against senescence; in the forties, she is preparing for the menopause.
In modern cities, women are busy with handling pressures from work and life. Without regular diet and life, many women are in a sub-healthy status. Though they are in their thirties, they have a body in the forties and bones in the fifties. How to keep the body in a good physical status?
Experts point out that women should have a balanced diet with balanced nutrition and take countermeasures to recuperate at different ages.
In the Twenties
In the twenties a woman enjoys the best status of her body. However, serious consequences may result from indulgence of time, disorder of work and rest, omission of meals, etc. At this stage of age, young women just start working. They need enough nutrition to deal with the heavy work load and great pressure. It is important for young ladies to keep healthy and strong. The most important for them have enough food containing protein, like meat, fish, eggs and food made of soybean.
In addition, if a woman gets married and wants a baby in the twenties, she has to pay attention to take some food or tonic containing iron. Animal livers and lean meat as well as green vegetables contain enough iron.
In the thirties, a woman starts to lose the calcium in the body. It would be better if she has stored enough calcium within the body before her thirties. Enough calcium help promote bone health. Milk is full of calcium. It is important to have one or two cups of milk or yoghourt.
In the Thirties
In the thirties a woman experiences the golden period of her life. She may enjoy the achievements in work and happiness in family. However, at the same time, she is faced with greater pressure from work and family, sparing energy for both work and family. Some women appear older than they should be at that age.
At this period, women need to pay more attention to what they eat, having less fried and heavy food. They can have some exercise and keep themselves in good mood, which helps to lessen the pressure. In the thirties women internal secretion and ovary function wear off, resulting in dry skin and the emergence of double chins and fine wrinkles. Women at this age need more fresh vegetables, fruits and animal protein which contain collagen, like fish and lean meat.
Besides, Vitamin B and Vitamin C are important to prevent women from aging. Researches show that free radical is a key element that causes aging. Vitamin C can prevent the emergence of free radical and reduce the influence of environmental pollution to human bodies. Vitamin B helps the synthesis of protein, improving the immunity of human bodies. Chinese dates, oranges and green vegetables contain much Vitamin C.
After the age of 35, the amount of estrogen and the density of bones drop down. Women have to pay attention to eat food contain enough calcium.
In the Forties
Middle aged women are often bothered by bad mood, disorder of sleep, great pressure, bad memory, and so on. During this period of lifetime, it is quite important to have self health care.
Since the metastasis of middle-aged women is not as good as before and their internal secretion and the amount of estrogen also change a lot, cardiovascular diseases may attack them. They'd better properly adjust the proportion of some kinds of food in the diet, attaching more importance to the nutrition of the diet. They should cultivate a diet with less fat, such as food made of fish, vegetables and fruits, and have little sugar every day. Vitamin C and Vitamin E are also essential for them to prevent the emergence of free radical. In addition, Vitamin E is effective for the prevention of cerebral thrombus and clogs as well as other cardiovascular diseases.
On the other hand, microelements are also significant for middle-aged women. In middle ages, the enzyme which plays an important role in oxygenization in the body does not work as well as before. Microelements, such as iron, zinc, selenium, are the important components of this type of enzyme. Those microelements can help to delay the process of aging.
With the coming of menopause, women in the forties may find their skin dry and dark with less flexibility. Wrinkles climb up around their eyes and mouths. It would be better for them to have food containing much Vitamin E, like corn, sweet potato, mushrooms, walnut, cabbage, etc.


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